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Oct 18, 2023
Hello i3 owners,

Finally found a used i3s with the 120ah battery and no REX! Very excited to be an i3 owner after years of wishing for one.

I'm getting to know the ins and outs of my new purchase and have a question I'm hoping the group can answer. My i3 comes with the Technology & Driving Assistance Package, which was a must-have for me. I'm trying to learn more about the Collision Avoidance system as implemented in the US. When I open up the menu for Collision Avoidance (by pushing the green circle button on the center dash), I see two options with checkboxes next to them. One is for activating the collision avoidance system, the other is for activating the pedestrian collision mitigation system.

When the menu is displayed, the collision avoidance checkbox is checked and the pedestrian avoidance checkbox is unchecked. I can scroll down to that checkbox and check it with a push of the button. It seems to me that I've just activated the pedestrian collision system. However if I exit the menu and then return to it, the box has gone back to being unchecked.

Does this mean that the pedestrian collision system is always off? Why would there be an accessible means of turning it on and off, if it immediately goes back to off (box is unchecked)? I'm wondering if a previous owner changed a code to permanently defeat the system, or if there's a problem somewhere that is causing the system to deactivate. There are no warning signs or error messages on the dash. ACC works great. It detects cars in front of me and adjusts the cruise control as expected (except in heavy/misty rain).

Any other i3 owners out there with a similar experience?