Do the automatic intermittent wiper function stink or am I doing something wrong?

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I found out I need to press the button at the end of the wand, then set it for the speed I want for auto. Maybe you already know that. Ha!
Like I said earlier, I have no complaints – not from my 2021 nor my 2017. Looking for intermittent mode had never crossed my mind until this thread.
My experience with our 2014 and 2019 i3's is similar to eNate's. However, rainfall in Hawaii tends to be blowing mist much of the time. The automatic mode turns on the wipers only slightly later than I might do manually, but not enough to reduce visibility dangerously.
Just seen this so sorry if this a repeat.

Clean tHe area of glass in front of the sensor very vigourously with tooth paste. Its a very mild abrasive.