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Nov 26, 2016
USA West Coast
Apparently this show has been around for a while but I just heard of it last week:


The 2022 California show wrapped last weekend and is moving on to Seattle, New York (Nassau), Miami, and Austin.

Some observations...

This was a good show! It was all outdoors and divided into roughly two zones. First was the regular trade-show setup of manufacturer booths with their machines on display, the other zone was set aside for courses for attendees to test drive the devices on display – and there were plenty of machines to try: EVs, E-bikes (many, many brands), E-motorcycles, E-skateboards, E-scooters, even a company that makes E-unicycles!

Doors were at 10a and the organizer had problems with security inspections (not enough lanes). I arrived at 1030a and it took 40 minutes to clear security – this was the show's biggest failure.

BMW had three i4s (including an i4 M50) + three iXs available for test drives on a first-come, first-served basis if you went to the BMW desk in the test-drive zone to queue up. We got there at 1130a and waited about 25 minutes in line to get a session with the i4 M50.

The other car I wanted to check out was the Lucid Air. Lucid requires test-drive signup do be done at the trade-show zone booth (not in the test-drive zone). By the time we finished at BMW (shortly before noon) all Lucid drive slots were taken. :(

Even having missed a test drive, I still spent plenty of time at the Lucid booth sitting in and checking out the Air on display. The Lucid reps in the booth were very knowledgable and I left the show highly impressed by their product. For what it's worth, the Lucid booth was noticeably more crowded than BMW's.

There were almost zero exhibitors of infrastructure (solar, battery walls, EVSEs) which I thought was a missed opportunity.

Were I to do it again I'd have been there an hour before opening to snag an early Lucid test drive slot.

If one of the upcoming shows isn't too far from you it's worth a visit!