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Aug 28, 2023
My i3 drivertrain sign appear on the panel.

The i3 drivertrain sign is on, sent to the BMW service centre in early June. The service report showed it was due to the air-conditioning compressor problem.
A new air-con compressor replaced the drivertain sign was disappear, after driving a few days. The drivertrain appeared again, then it returned to the BMW service centre, this time found to be the KLE (control unit). It takes two weeks to wait for the KLE from German and one week to install the new KLE, then the i3 was on the road again. Unfortunately, it was only running for less than a week, and the drivertrain sign appeared again. The i3 was back to the service centre, found the High voltage-cable set combo socket AC problem, replacing the new cable set, the drivertrain sign was still on. Now i3, is still in the BMW service centre in Hong Kong.

Is there anyone has the same problem and how to fix it? Please let me know.

K.W. Chui