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Oct 12, 2023
My grandfather recently passed and I'm inheriting his i3.
I'll be flying to Phoenix next week to help my parents with the estate then will drive the car back to LA.

I need help with 2 things.

1. How do I do that drive from Phoenix to LA?
- I'm assuming there's charging stations along the trip, but how to I check. Are there apps? Which apps do you use to plan your trip?

2. New owner advice
- what are the most important things to do/know as a new owner?
- My grandfather probably had a charger setup in his garage. Do I just take that with me to LA?

Many thanks for any advice
What model year? Does it have a REX? (gasoline -powered generator)

Use the ABRP app (a better route planner) and plug in the appropriate battery size for the model year to determine how drivable the route is. I did San Antonio to San Francisco in mine with the largest battery and it was challenging in places (charging stations spread out far), but that was with no REX. If you've got the REX, then logistically it's a cinch. My main trouble areas were in Texas and New Mexico. West of Phoenix, charging was pretty good. That was two years ago so hopefully even more options exist today.

Snag the charger ("EVSE") off the wall. Figure out later if you can install it based on your home's wiring and breaker panel arrangement. Having access to home charging makes all the difference in owning an EV.

Sorry for your loss but happy to hear that Gramps was a trailblazer, clearing a path for others to follow in his footsteps.
Thank you eNate!
I can confirm it's a 2018 BEV 94Ah. Turns out my grampa did not have a special wall charger, he just used the plug which makes sense since he would never drive more than a few miles.

I downloaded ABRP and it plans a 11 hour trek from Phoenix to LA, hopefully I have the energy to complete that in one go.

I also tried signing up for My BMW app so I can monitor the charging while I wait but it wouldn't connect.

Just driving it around a little I'm very impressed with how well it drives. My car at home is a e46 M3, so the upgrade in technology is pretty cool!
Hello Beachy –

It's a privilege to offer advice while you're working through your grandfather's passing – regards to you and your family as you move ahead.

You won't be able to make the trip from Phoenix to Los Angeles (372 miles) in one drive. Driving a 94Ah i3 you will probably need to stop for charging three to four times on your trip to Los Angeles.

Other posters have recommended A Better Route Planner, but I prefer PlugShare for prepping for long EV drives: