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May 2, 2021
I have a problem with the navigation screen on my i3.
At first it flickered sometimes - darker, brighter, and then stopped at the normal bright screen.

Recently, the screen remains unlit all the time, or poorly illuminated, dimmed, when starting it lights up normally for a while and then goes out again.
You can see the graphics, but there is no backlight.
It looks as if the backlight of the screen itself has been dimmed to a minimum with the knob.
Instrument screen and other lights are ok.

I checked the plug on the radio under the sofa and those to the screen - nothing has changed.

Anyone have any ideas/similar experiences?
My i3 is 2014 REx.
It was fine for some time, it didn't blink, now it happened again...
I don't know what could be the cause .
I have 3 ideas :
1. problem with the cable ( maybe someone knows part number the cable for this 10.25" screen )
2. The problem is in the screen itself (cold solder joints on the backlight, cracks, anything else ).
3. External problem ( regulation error, light sensors - but other illuminated elements work and can be adjusted with the knob )
4. any other tips ?