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Sep 19, 2018
My 2014 rex started having an issue with the Harman kardon audio system two days ago.

Idrive/headunit all function normally but there is no sound output from any of the speakers. Fm band, Bluetooth connection, parking audio warnings are all not producing any sound. Only the initial startup tone is audible. I removed the rear seat and disconnected/reconnected the HK amplifier but that did not resolve the issue.

Scanning the car with bimmerlink produced one error each on the amp and the headunit:
Amp - b7f4a8 front left bass channel error
Headunit- e1c440 reset

Clearing the errors did not help.

My feeling is that maybe the amplifier has gone out, but I don't know how to test it.

Any ideas?

Perhaps the connection from the headunit computer module to the amp needs reseated ?

Thanks in advance,
Have you checked fuses??
I’m having the same issue with both front door speakers and the front tweeters anyone found the solution
I ended up pulling the amp and opened it. The circuit board was charred in a small spot. I purchased an amp from a mini cooper HS 9598 and plugged it in and nothing. I got an HS B225 I believe from an i8 and plugged it in and the head unit recognized it but no sound still…I think it needs to be code.