Orange light stayed on display after automatic service of Rex

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Feb 19, 2024
The orange tap light on display stayed on after maintenance cycle on i3 Rex. I believe it is something to do with emissions. Anybody know if this is serious?
Update to the above question. I took it into the garage and they did various tests and said that certain things have gone wrong that I don’t understand and said it would cost about £1400 including labour. Then when they found I’ve got EXTENDED WARRANTY they said it would only cost £100 excess charge. I am profoundly grateful. I bought the EXTENDED WARRANTY. About 18 months ago are very heavy passenger, got into the car and shove the seat back and did some damage to it so that no longer moved. They had to take the seat out and replace the or whatever it is underneath , and that was a quote of about £1400 until they did it on the EXTENDED WARRANTY.
If you squint at it, the orange engine-shaped engine management warning light could look like a tap?

The BMW i3 check engine warning light applies to Range Extender versions of the i3 only. The warning light comes on for the following reasons:
▷ Illuminated: Exhaust emissions have deteriorated. This may result in poor engine performance and fuel economy.
▷ Flashing: This is an indication of engine misfiring and that unburned fuel is entering the exhaust system which may result in catalytic converter damage. Immediately reduce speed and have vehicle checked.
Diagnostic equipment is required to fault-find the cause of the malfunction. Take your vehicle to a workshop that specialises in BMW i3.
If you squint at it, the orange engine-shaped engine management warning light could look like a tap?
Ok, but what would that look like? I don't extract maple syrup from trees, so perhaps the terminology is lost on me.
A faucet, in non-UK English? But anyway, the description in the OP (related to emissions) means that there is only one warning light that it conceivably could be!
here’s my experience. I have a 2017 iRex. I like it. The engine management light came on one day as the self maintenance cycle was ending. I should explain that I had driven the car for about 10 minutes but on reaching my destination I simply turned the car off, before the cycle had completed. on restarting, the light came on. various solutions were suggested including taking it to BMW ( ouch). I reasoned that the light was perhaps a consequence of aborting the maintenance cycle, so I just went for a drive, set the Rex to maintain present state of charge. Drove around for 15 minutes with the Rex chugging away merrily, then parked up. This cured it. This has happened twice, in exactly the same way.