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Apr 14, 2023
Hi! Appreciate any advice on this. My clear coat completely peeled off leaving the raw carbon fiber. I would like to paint then cover with a carbon fiber wrap, to make it look oem. A new roof isn’t an option. Will any paint adhere to the raw fiber? Thanks loads in advance!!!
I believe that some i3 owners have removed all the pealing resin top layer and have reapplied a similar resin. Those living near a surfboard or maybe boat repair shop might be able to have a new clear resin top layer installed professionally. I don't know how easy it would be as a DIY project to get a nice, smooth surface.

I have had the roof of our 2019 i3 wrapped with light gray vinyl film that matches the vinyl decals installed by BMW on the roof edges above the doors. However, the shop that installed this vinyl film wouldn't offer a warranty because the film would degrade in strong sunlight within a couple of years. I don't drive much, and our i3 is always parked in a parking garage without sun exposure, so I'm not worried about film degradation. More important to me is the film reflecting some infrared radiation keeping the cabin from heating up as much in direct sunlight.

If I had to park in the sunlight frequently, I would consider painting the roof with a light-colored paint. Paint is probably the most durable coating.
@alohart, thanks so much for the advice. I am looking into a two part marine epoxy paint. Waiting to hear back from the manufacturer. I do park outside unfortunately. It’s hot in south Florida as well.
So after much research, I have started my restoration with Hawk epoxy resin kit from the bottom paint store. They sell all kinds of marine paints and preps. I used the pump system to mix it. It’s a 3 to one ratio with the super slow catalyst. With the pump kit it’s one pump to one pump I put the first coat on yesterday. I live in Florida., it seals the fiber roof nicely, and when it is dry, you can sand and paint over it. I plan to put a carbon fiber wrap over it instead of paint. They sell paint also that could be used I suppose. Marine paint.
How did you apply this resin? By brush? How did you keep it even? Why not use an automotive urethane clearcoat like the very common 2k (2 part) clearcoat in a can?

My roof is damaged with a 4 in crack from something that fell on it. I'm planning on black epoxy to repair it and then clearcoat blend on top or clearcoat the whole thing. It's about $24 a can and may need 2 cans.
Hi, my husband applied it with a solvent proof sponge roller. It came out pretty smooth. Not perfect. It can be sanded and reapplied when dry. It sets up fast , depending on where you live. Because of the loose fibers in the carbon fiber roof, this was what I was advised to use. This was by the manufacturer of Hawk epoxy. Something else may have worked, but because I went to a marine shop, this is what they recommended. Not the typical roof material, so it’s an experiment either way. I’m going to cover it with carbon fiber design wrap anyway. Now I can do that since the surface is solid, as opposed to those crazy little loose fibers everywhere, lol. It’s about 250 to wrap the roof.