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Oct 5, 2015
We have had our 2015 i3 for just over a year now and I would love to see the addition of a reverse alert. On several occasions in parking lots, I have had people walk behind our car when backing up out of a parking space. A friend of mine recently bought a Leaf - even the Nissan figured it could be a problem. The same tone used on unlocking the doors could be utilized for this function. The next time you guys are doing a software upgrade - pls consider this safety feature.
In some markets, BMW offers a pedestrian warning system that plays a warning sound when traveling at low speeds (it automatically turns off once you go faster), but they did not choose to offer that option in the US (and Canadian?) market. You could probably get someone to send you the parts, but I'm not sure what would be required to integrate it into the software to make it work. There are inexpensive alert devices you can buy that get connected to the reversing lights, but even access to that might be tough on the i3.
You can try coding

Comment = Aktiviert den Rueckwaertsgang-Gong fuer Japan (Translation = Activate the reverse-Gong for Japan)

I'm not sure if it's just an interior tone of exeterior
Thanks Eneka for sharing, I found the code under "Instrument Cluster" in expert mode and it did the trick. No more annoying beeping sound everytime I go into reverse. Bimmercode is "AWESOME" an absolute must with so many cool things you can adjust and make custom on your i3. :D

"R_GANG_AKUSTIK_ENABLE: aktiv --> nicht_aktiv"