So the interior door handle just broke

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Nov 22, 2016
Like the title says, I went to exit the vehicle a couple of days ago and heard a loud "SNAP" when I pulled the door handle. I noticed a little while later that it no longer sits flush with the door and feels 'loose.' It's a pretty new '19 i3s REx with 5k miles on the clock. I have an appointment scheduled at a BMW service center next week.

This is the first modern car I've ever driven that had this kind of fault. Funny, in a car this advanced, I would have expected some sort of electrical gremlin, but not a broken door handle.
Update for anyone curious: Apparently this is an unheard of fault and the part isn't even available and will need to be "manufactured" or whatever. Could be 6 months. I have the car for 24 months from last November, so we'll see if it gets fixed before I turn it back in. At least the door will still open! :D

Wondering if I'll be climbing out through the passenger side eventually.
Can you determine the part number of the broken piece?

Perhaps it is available used.
6 months for a basic spare part???

All parts are available for your car - they build new cars out of 'parts'!!

Suggest you escalate your complaint until somebody gives you a sensible answer.
If that handle has a BMW part number, it does not appear to show up in the catalog. I'm thinking that it's part of the whole door panel, and BMW may not even actually make it. As a result, it may not be designed to be replaced as an individual part. So, at some level, yes, it's an individual part, but doesn't appear to be a BMW one, and getting it from the vendor may not then even allow the repairman to get the old one off and a new one installed without tearing lots more apart. It's likely a press fit and not designed to be ever taken apart. With the labor, it could be cheaper to just replace the door panel.
Not unheard of, happened to us the lug on the handle that the little spring that retains the handle in the flush position snapped off, just a simple dealer fix.
My 2020 i3 , it happened just as described above . Including the 'Snap' sound . Going in to the shop this morning .
The service dept. was able to temporarily fix the handle sticking out symptom and order the necessary part for the permanent repair .
Same thing just happened to me.
I heard a pop.
Now the drivers side door handle does not retract to a flush position
I really am not looking forward to waste any time going to the dealer for a repair more than once.
Is there a part number that I can tell them I need before I go in to have it fixed?
Same thing happened to me this evening on my 2020 i3s. I was able to push the spring back in so the door handle goes flush. But the spring is not attached like it is on the passenger door. Will call the dealer and bring it in :-(.
Question for those who have had this problem repaired. Did the dealer have to replace the entire door panel? It looks like that is the smallest part that includes the interior door handle.

Can folks confirm how the issue was resolved on their car?