Supercharger adapter for BMW i3?

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Apr 30, 2016
Huntsville, AL
Tesla has 'magic dock' that is slowly being deployed. But I want just the adapter.

Is there a CCS-1 plug with a Tesla socket adapter available?

I'm not having luck with Google finding one.

Bob Wilson
If you are trying to plug into a SuperCharger with no "Magic Dock", it won't work. The entire process is controlled and unlocked by Tesla. Only stations equipped with a Magic Dock will be unlocked and even then you have to use their App to access and pay for the session.
bwilson4web said:

A couple of months ago, I saw a frustrated Nissan driver who claimed they had an adapter.

Bob Wilson

I'm going to guess their frustration may have been related to the claim that they have an adapter that doesn't exist. :lol:

Most likely they have a Tesla/NACS to J1772 plug which would seem like it correctly plugs into both the car and the supercharger cable, but it won't work with superchargers so that would definitely be a frustrating charge attempt!

Ford, GM and everyone who's announced the switch to NACS has said the adapter to CCS will be available "in 2024", so we've got a ways to wait still.

And even then, as EvanstonI3 points out, the charger still has to be activated. It'll be interesting to see if a NACS to CCS adapter will work with the i3 at Superchargers or what kind of cars will/won't be allowed to charge at Superchargers once adapters are available.