Thank you to all the posted. You fixed our car!!!!!

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Jan 7, 2023
My family would like to thank you for all of you that posted about a misfire cylinder 1 & 2. We got a check engine light and were told to replace REX $ 13000 and 5000 to open it up to confirm it was the torsion shaft.. Knowing that engines don’t just come apart without noise I was completely hesitant to do anything with 1 dealership and one shop second option.

Here is what we did. We replaced spark plugs, coils, gas cap, battery, and finally the fuel pump relay. We tried to use OEM coils and then bought new ones from BMW. So I recommend only the BMW ones.

We know it wasn’t the BMW battery
Then tried. BMW Gas cap
Then OEM Coils
BMW spark plugs.

Didn’t fix the issue. Then I decided to get
BMW Coils
And after seeing Fuel Pump relay all over this Forum I said what the hell.

BMW Coils put in
BMW Fuel Pump Relay

Still had a CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. So I drove the car over to the independent shop. On the way there I said what the heck start the REX, and I heard it sound like it was going to run or was. Of course I drive it with windows down and REX engine bay cover off.

When I got to the shop I asked them to clear the check engine light . All the errors were now completely different. No misfires. Just battery issues. Computer ECM STUFF…

He cleared it looking at me like I was just grabbing at straws and I got on the road and it started. I almost cried because we had saved our car.

Works perfect On Off as designed…

I can’t thank all of you enough for your posts . Because of all of you, you saved our car we love so much.

Thank you to all.. Happy New Year! You made ours!!!