The Honeymoon is Over - Lease Near An End - BEWARE!

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My experience was 100% opposite. Some jack-@$$ scuffed my front bumper in a parking lot; I attempted to "fix" it myself with touch-up paint and only made it worse. It was noted on the inspection report but I was never charged for it. The 20" tires on the i3 go fast if the driver is aggressive, its just how it is. Our new to us BEV's first owner claimed to get 27k out of his and turned the car in with bald tires, but the leased REx I had I had to replace the rear tires at about 12k. The front tires just barely passed at 17k. Perhaps I never had an uneven wear issues because I lowered my i3 and had an alignment done early on. I usually run 34psi in the front and 38psi in the rear.
I had my i3 inspected at the dealer today, prior to lease expiring in 3 months. SHOCK! I too feel betrayed. I too have purchased/leased my last BMW after 40 plus years of ownership. I have been looking for a excuse to get a divorce for several years; the "pre-inspection" is the reason I have been looking for.
Here's a fixit list: 1.) I previously had a rock chip (star) repaired - must now replace windshield $600. 2.) Tread depths 6/32, 4/32 and 3/32 - replace front tires $300 (already replaced rears). 3.) Indentation in front bumper the size of a quarter - must replace bumper $600. 4.) Scratches on rear bumper inside - replace $300. 5.) Small "bump" in outside rear bumper (not the result of an impact, but rather a defect in materials) - replace rear bumper $650. 6.) Disposition charge ???? - $350. Grand total $2800, which is more that one year's lease payments. When I told the inspector the charges seemed exorbitant he said I should have purchased damage insurance when I leased the car.

My experience started out by me asking a sales rep if I could extend my lease for another year, or until the i3 range increases to 240 miles. The only way to extend my lease would be to place an order for a new BMW. However the dealer would be happy to sell me my i3 for about $4000 over market value. At least it would save me the $2800 I will have to pay when I relinquish the car.

Anyone have any body work done prior to turning in their i3? How much does it cost to replace the windshield? Thanks