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Nov 12, 2019
Hi all - unique forever is the slightly odd graphic emblazoned on the tailgate and seats of our new i3S. Well actually it is a year old - one of the 2000 limited editions sold in the UK (I think Germany got a more exclusive edition still, right at the end of production?). Along with Aventurine Red paint from the M3, it has the suite leather interior, ambient lighting and the spaceship sound effects on the move. It’s our third i3 - we’ve covered over 120k miles in them since first dipping our toe into EV’s with an i3REX when they first launched. Having driven and worked with EV’s for many years, I still think it is one of the best resolved designs out there, if the range suits your needs. Hopefully BMW will launch something as bold and thoughtful as this in the future, in the meantime we will remain “unique forever” ;):) IMG_4167.png