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New member
Aug 10, 2023
Hi Guys!
Im a new user in this forum, I found u while im google my problem but cant find any answear so I try to reach for your tips and tricks :)

I have a BMW i3 year 2015. My problem is that the window controller on the direver side is completly dead I cant roll up or down driver window or passanger window and cant either steer the mirrors. The "engine" on the windows are working due to passanger side works and when I open the driver door the windows goes up and down when I open/close.

I bought a new "controller" on Ebay and changed it but still the same problem ofcourse It could be the same problem with that due to its a used item but....could I have that unluck Ill might buy my 3rd to try but the problem mayby is not that?

I have changed fuse 35 and 69 even if they wore ok, is there any other fues I should try? Should I reset anything? All tips are more then welcome.

many thanks in advance + have a nice day
No update, will proboly buy one more and try. Trying to find the best one for the best price
I went through the same exact logic with the same exact issue bought one from eBay but nothing changed so I thought maybe it's also bad, any update with your second controller?