wish the rear window was bigger

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Aug 7, 2017
On the back of the i3 is a lot of glass that you can't see out of.
The glass below the portion you can see our of doesn't seem to serve a purpose.
The glass below the portion you can see out of just adds extra weight to the i3 where you don't want it.
BMW could increase the size of the portion you can see out of, replace the portion you can't see out of with Aluminum or plastic or carbon fiber.
The weight of the hatch would go down, and the strength would go up.
I see no drawbacks to this improvement.
The i3 is one of those rare "car of the future" designs that made it from concept to production with much of its original aesthetic intact.

I'd suggest the unique glass tailgate is among the design decisions that keep the i3 from blending in with all the other look-alike compact cars with bulging plastic taillights.

Although I think you're right -- for a car whose every gram was supposedly sweated over, it seems an unnecessary amount of heft with no functional justification.

But I'm happy to have it. I like how easy it is to quickly wipe clean when I don't have time to wash the whole car, and I love the soft yet solid "thunk" it makes when closing.
The i3 doesn't have great rear visibility.
But most of the newer designs are even worse.
I just drove the VW id.4 and Tesla Y, and rear visibility in both is terrible.

i3 - Even if you love the glass below the part you can see through, wouldn't it be nice to see through another inch or two?