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I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:42 pm


Maybe I just need a pep talk, but I just drove off the lot today with my new 2014 i3 REX. And I hate it. And news seems to be just getting worse and worse.

I drove it 20 miles home from the dealership, and the car had a 90% charge. 20 miles later, it was down to 20%, and the meter said I had 30 miles left. I drove, in 85 degree weather, with AC off, in Eco + mode, in bumper to bumper traffic. So I'm freaked out about it's charge capacity.

Also, I thought that the despite the REX it would still qualify for the white decals in CA. The ones that give you free parking, and access to the HOV lanes. Well, when I went to register for that, I found out because of the REX, it's considered a plug-in hybrid. So it only qualifies for the green decals, which only 15000 are issued this year. Something no one shared with me during the entire buying process.

The car doesn't handle amazingly. I knew this from the test-drives. I was ok with that, assuming I was getting great range, and HOV/free parking.

So I have a 53000 dollar BMW that handles like a lincoln, is a pain in the ass to keep charged, and get none of the government HOV/parking benefits.

What am I missing. Why is this car loved? Of course, even though it's only been 12 hours, the car is registered, and the dealership ain't taking it back.

seriously depressed.


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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:16 am

As the ad says in the UK, 'Should've gone to Specsavers'

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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:44 am

It means you've done something stupid because you haven't thought about it.

Your post is confusing though. You say you have 20% charge but 30miles range. In the first fews days, while you get used to driving the car (it needs a different driving style than an ICE car when it comes to using the right pedal) range will almost certainly show less than you will have shown once you get the hang of it. However 30 miles is more like 50% charge. Added to which you will have virtually unlimited (within reason) ReX range providing there's a petrol station nearby.

The other issues about parking permits you should really have investigated properly - it's not the car's fault.
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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:54 am

I can't comment on the eligibility of the Rex for HOV lanes and free parking, although I get the impression that even your DMV gets confused as to the status of the Rex which is CARB compliant - no doubt a soCal owner will be along in a while to give you the correct story.

The Range Guessometer is notoriously fickle and driven by lots of software parameters that BMW are still tinkering with, don't worry too much as you should be getting the advised range from a full charge under everyday driving conditions. so around 70 miles should be possible for yourself. The Rex will carry you another 70 miles or so.

I have never driven a Lincoln, but when traffic permits this thing is really fun to drive, it sound like your nose to tail commuter traffic has put a bit of a downer on you first experience. Did you take or were you offered an extended test drive? My own dealer loaned me a Rex and a BEV for two days a piece before I took the plunge. A sophisticated vehicle like this really shouldn't be an impuse purchase as it has to fit your individual needs. Although the forum has at least member that bought without trying first.

Give it a bit more time, the majority on here are passionate about their i3, the only major gripe seems to be with the adverse effect on range from cold ambient temps. Which if your at 85F in March won't be your worry.
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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:10 am

i3regret wrote: I drove it 20 miles home from the dealership, and the car had a 90% charge. 20 miles later, it was down to 20%, and the meter said I had 30 miles left. I drove, in 85 degree weather, with AC off, in Eco + mode, in bumper to bumper traffic. So I'm freaked out about it's charge capacity.

In 85 F weather, in Eco Pro + mode in bumper to bumper traffic you got 20 miles from 70 % of your car's charge? Or did you mean down BY 20 %. If it's the former, something is seriously wrong somewhere. Under the conditions you describe on a brand new i3 I would expect 20 miles to use roughly 20-25 % of the car's charge. I once got 25 miles from a segment (25 % of the battery) in those sorts of conditions.

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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:48 am

i3regret wrote:wtf does that even mean? jesus christ... f*ck you.
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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:44 am

Here's your pep talk:
Dude, chill, it's Sunday, enjoy, go for a drive along the coast, find a level-2 and enjoy the scenery and a long cold one (just one) whilst she's recharging, then toodle on home. Then compare today's stats with yesterday's and you should be reassured.
Now, yes, the REX "only" gets a green sticker, but they are still available and (as far as I know) have equal freeway privileges to the white ones. As for free parking, that's news to me; I haven't applied for a white sticker for my BEV as I don't really need the diamond lanes, but free parking — that's something that would get my mojo running, if true.
As for handling like a Lincoln, I'll call you on that: take any stretch of Mulholland and even the Stig in an unreasonably priced Lincoln couldn't keep up with an i3, even with you at the wheel.
Oh, and lay off the insults, the Brits on this forum are way better at it, they can smack you without you realizing it.
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End of pep talk.

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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:01 am

Your trip is one way from dealer to home. What is the terrain like? any elevation change? Most of the figures that you see are based on flat road. Hilly terrain uses more battery. give it a few more trips to get a better sense on the range.

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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:26 am

something must be seriously wrong there ive driven mine really hard on twisty roads( and i mean to the point of almost putting it in a field) and still can get 40 miles out of a charge(obviously not at 95mph open road).
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Re: I think I hate my i3 Rex...

Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:41 am

First, to everyone who gave real advice and were truly helpful. Thank you. This was a huge expense for me, and a big plunge going into the EV world. I had a major fear, which was I was buying (or leasing in this case) a 50k headache.

But to answer some of the questions. I did a ton of research. Weeks worth. I read consumer reports, blogs, reviews, technical reviews. I work in advertising, and we have in house motor-heads whose jobs it is to know everything about every car, and I mean everything down to the metal composite of the wing-nuts, and I gave one of those guys a $100 bucks to spend the weekend with me looking at cars, and taking me through the different ins-and-outs of each EV. So I did my homework more than on any other car then I've ever bought.

Drive home. Car when I picked it up had 90% charge. They were located in downtown los angeles. Drove home in bumper to bumper weather. Just under 20 miles. Car had 25% charge left and the meter said I had another 35 miles left before the battery would be dead. I drove to Whole Foods (not because I love whole food btw, but because they had a free charger). I charged the car for 20 minutes, did some shoping etc, came back out. Car was up to 41 miles. I drove to a local sports to watch the fights (less then a mile), drove back to my house (less than a half mile), when I put the car away it said 31 miles left and I was digging into the last bar. I used the cruise control feature (where the car speeds up and brakes on it's own) for the drive from Dealer to house, kept the car in eco+ because it was bumper to bumper the entire way home. And while driving between store/bar etc. kept the car in eco+ because I was freaking out about how the charge was melting away.

far as driving like a lincoln... maybe that was a touch of over statement. But the constant drag on the car (recouping energy right?), plus the slower acceleration between 40-60 etc. The car doesn't drive like 328. I know I know. That's a f*cked comparison. And if I wanted a car to perform like that I shouldn't have bought an EV or at least just got a telsa. BUT I feel like there's a compromise on performance. And I was down with it, my general driving habits are closer to an old man then a 16 year old kid, but the compromise without any procevied benefits. That's a bit of kick in the stomach.

EV Decals. To those that asked. In SoCal, green and white decals get free parking. When I researched, I didn't realize green decals were in limited number. I was told at the Dealership, that it qualified for HOV decals. Problem is they only released 15k this year, and you are competing with every new hybrid on the road, and anyone else who didn't get one in 2013/14 or before.

I didn't come hear to blame. I'm not blaming BMW. I'm not blaming my sales guy. Or the friend I hired to help me. I just dropped a shit ton of money on this thing. And my first real day in it, SUCKED. Just sucked so god damn hard. It's a horrible feeling to spend all this time energy. You get super excited to get your new car. You stretch your budget to get the one really want, and then when you get home have a pit in your stomach and feel like you made a huge mistake.

I wish someone would have mentioned the take home test-drives. I would LOVED to have done that. I brought it once and I was told they didn't do it. But apparently, I was completely wrong about that. After a quick google I have found many references to people doing that.

thanks for the advice. sorry it if feels like I just came in here to whine. I used this forum as a resource before I bought the car. Reviews, and passion was so high, it truly figured into my decision making progress. So I was hoping you guys might shed light on what I'm missing.



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