Should I return my 2014 i3?

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Jan 16, 2024
I just purchased a 2014 i3 and am enjoying it. However, when my wife drove it this morning the range dropped 10mi suddenly as she was driving down the street, then the drivetrain error flashed and it said to drive it in for service. She parked it in our driveway and it sat not charging for about 5 hours. I went out to start it and it drove with no issues and no error. I have 3 more days to return it, no questions asked. It has 60k miles on it. Range is only about 40 mi. Currently charging level 1until we get a level 2 charger installed. Thank you!
"Drivetrain error" is like a "Check Engine light" for this car. If it goes away on its own, it is not really a problem. My car has thrown that several times over the past 3 years. You would have to look at the error codes to see what the error referred to. The "drop in range" part is odd but I can't tell you what is is/was. The range will change (most likely increase) as you actually drive the car and it takes into account your driving patterns. That's how it works. It is fluid number that changes constantly.

I would drive it absolutely as much as possible in the next 3 days to see if anything else shakes out. Letting it sit does not help you.