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John Pfeiffer

New member
May 11, 2024
I bought the “Dolphin” color, certified used with 14.5k miles. I now have 32.5k. It will be my last car.
Well that and my ‘00 Z3 M Roadster. And our Subaru Outback XT for long road trips.
I commuted 35 highway miles one-way before COVID for about 2 yrs. I work at a utility and they had a level 2 charger there.
Now I work from home and drive around a small town. Range has not been an issue, except for one weekly drive to a neighboring town for a jam session, which is only for summer with a full charge. I am a guitarist/band leader, all band equipment fits in the back.
Maintenance: rear tires, a battery, wiper blades, cabin filter, and a level 1 charger replaced free of charge. All dealer repaired.
The battery replacement was ridiculous cost, but the original battery was virtually dead. I got to the dealer but it died in the parking lot.
I am a long term BMW driver. I had a 1602, 2-2002, a 2002 Tii, and scraped out a dozen or so to keep the fleet running. My father had a 1602 and a Tii. My brother had a ‘72 Tii, and we had an informal car club. I drove 300k+ miles and autocrossed for 25+ years with these cars, gave them up only because I couldn’t use the care in winter in Wisconsin; my side draft carbs had no manifold preheater.
The i3 is destined to become a cult car like the old 2002. It is faster to 30 and to 60, and much less expensive to maintain. It handles quite well. A bit of a sleeper for an urban car. I also owned a ‘62 Mini with a 998 Cooper S engine in it. Not the same as today’s Mini. The Mini EV uses the i3 drivetrain I believe.
Welcome to the forum. Cool reading about all the Bimmers you've had over the years. I used to autocross my '76 2002 which was especially quick with Supersprint headers. Both cars are quick and equally fun to drive.