In praise of the BMW i3s

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Jan 1, 2024
In praise of the BMW i3s

This is my very biased account of living with a BMW13s in central London...for information only.
I have a 2104 Mini Cooper S auto R57 which has had no expense spared on it, far exceeding any value it will ever add. I’m lucky enough to be able to park often near my house.
When I discovered that the I3 was being discontinued, I thought that I should have one and oddly I found a warm grey / black, like my Mini available for sale about 100 miles away. It has leather, sunroof and is tech fully loaded. It had done 5k ( 2021) and so I bought a one way ticket and I have been LOVING it ever since. It was the only one I saw.
I am also lucky enough to have an EV charging station ( 10 bays ) that opened the day I bought my car, so I fill up regularly. I don’t have a charger at home. It’s fine and as I only drive upto 120 miles per trip, any anxieties are avoided, so far. I am just having a few fettles done, such as 12v battery and tech updates and some kindness.
I had the suspension lowered by 10mm, 10mm spacers fitted, new powder coated Eibach discs, wheels sprayed silver and callipers painted red, with low dust pads fitted.

I have seen two particularly irritating channels on You Tube by two different people who spend as much time explaining how funny they as dissing EV’s. EV’s are NOT for everyone and in my opinion are suited for the City where driving them is easy and relaxing. The view is good and it’s a fun car.

The family SUVS are out of my experience as are anything with a bigger range than mine, but as for what my I3s offers, I couldn’t be happier and if you truly consider what they have to offer now, and take the depreciation hits etc, the car will last and be just as reliable as an ICE car. You do have to take just as much care of them though. It seems many think that once you’ve spent all this money, that’s it. It’s not and all those financial choices are yours. Mine are emotional, the Money has gone and I’m happy I spent it here. If I think about anything too long, it won’t happen.

This is a sort of update to thoughts and comments I have posted before. On Reddit It’s sad to say tat I have to point out that this is ONLY MY opinion and I am very lucky to be be able to indulge myself. Forums should be a place to celebrate and share our journey with the cars rather than be criticised and asked if I’ve looked in the manual etc. Share and we grow. Moan and criticise and no-one feels good in the end.
Money comes money goes. We don't take it with us hence spend it on things you care about and on things that make a difference to others in ways it can help...whether it be people, yourself, a cause like animal welfare, etc. I never understood the obsession rich people have of hoarding money in the ways they do. Some have hundreds of millions or billions and can't extend a hair on their heads to help the world. Disgusting actually. I wish I was as wealthy as Billy Pedo Gates...I'd probably give 99% of my money away unlike him.

Anyway, sorry for being off-topic but kind of on topic. Your "money has gone" comment triggered it. 😂