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Mar 20, 2023
Hi, I am new to the forum, so here is my introduction.
Just moved to the US from the EU and bought this very sensible car. Mainly used for commute and occasional longer trips.
The car drives as a dream and having driven this I don’t want to go back to a car with a combustion engine as main drive train.
The car has been recoded to EU specs, so the rex has more miles and 'hold state of charge' can be switched on. Standard it starts in ‘eco-pro’ mode.
It has a 60 Ah battery and we can drive it 70-80 miles pure on battery. The average mi/kWh is 4.6, but when we bought it started at around 4.1.
Bought car in Feb '23 with 67.4 k driven, now (Feb ’24) at near 80 k.
I polished the front window, changed the wipers, changed the rex oil, the brake fluid and a bit more painfully also the gear box oil.
I don’t know why BMW removed the filler nut from the gear box, but they did as form 2015 models. Rumor has it they reckoned the oil was soo good no change was required. I can only tell that I am glad I changed the 0.5 ltr gear oil after 70k. Oil was real black and some minor metal collected on magnet. I have the feeling it increased the average mi/kWh. It did require the introduction of a heavily modified drain plug.
We are very happy with the car, which feels really reliable and incredibly well built.
Only issues are with the shock absorbers dust caps being torn: this seems to be a common problem.
Thinking about replacing the shock absorbers because it has done 80k and the roads are not the best here. When you drive a car you get used to the noise and when it develops very so slowly you don’t notice it in the beginning. But I seem to hear the knocking sound of bad shocks. Although I saw a post about 2 hoses running near the floor at the front that could potentially bump to the floor plate making a similar noise. Need to check this nice forum for guidance first.
Anyway, this is our car and I am happy to be able to join this forum.


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