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Re: i3 is over

Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:11 am

Milam wrote:Kiwi:

I have a 2017 i3.

Is your sport model a big improvement?
Sport model hasn't arrived in New Zealand yet.

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Re: i3 is over

Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:56 am

Kiwi wrote: Once you get up into the i3 money it doesn't take much to throw another 50k into the pot.
Even in NZD that's a lot! :shock:

Not trying to argue with you, but that made no sense to an average consumer like me...
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Re: i3 is over

Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:21 pm

ASUN wrote:
Kiwi wrote: Once you get up into the i3 money it doesn't take much to throw another 50k into the pot.
Even in NZD that's a lot! :shock:

Not trying to argue with you, but that made no sense to an average consumer like me...
The i3 price is not for the average consumer as its 3 times the price. You have to be earning good money to throw coin on purchasing an i3 and if your are earning good money then finding some more doesn't take forever.

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Re: i3 is over

Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:07 am

I think that the range of an EV is used to mislead consumers into thinking more is better, when in fact more range comes at the price of increased weight from greater battery capacity. Bigger is not always better - a lighter vehicle has performance and efficiency advantages over a heavier one. You need to understand what your needs are between charging opportunities vs. thinking about how often you needed to fill up with gas when you owned an ICE car.

The i3 was conceived to be the ultimate city car - a premium small hatchback that is nimble in traffic, is light and accelerates ahead of other cars from a standstill, is very manoeuvrable with a small turning circle, short and easy to park, and can make u-turns easily so that you can grab that parking spot on the other side of the street. I love driving the i3 in the city and will never go back to an ICE vehicle. And it is quiet inside so conversation is easier, with better music sound quality as you don't have to play over the noise of an ICE.

Range is more than adequate for most city drivers. I do not need to charge it daily, but only at most 2-3 times per week - and I drive it daily as it is my only car. It is the perfect fit for my needs. I have the REX for those occasional trips out of town. If the range was 300-400km the REX would no longer be needed, and maybe we will see that in the coming years when battery capacity will increase without added weight.

One thing about the i3 is that it is a concept car that went into production as a concept car. There is a lot of innovative engineering that went into to and that I am sure is trickling into other BMWs and will do so for many years. I saw an interview with Munro and Associates where Mr Munro estimated that there was $2.7B of R&D that went into the i3, from developling new adhesives and composites to chassis design etc. He called it the Model T of our generation.

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Re: i3 is over

Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:37 am

I wouldn't go so far as to say the i3 is the model T of our generation. The model T was the first mass produced car and because of that it was relatively inexpensive, so lots of people could buy them. Not so with the i3. Elon Musk hopes the Tesla 3 will be like that.

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Re: i3 is over

Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:35 pm

Range is the new megapixel. People want more without thinking if they really need it.

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Re: i3 is over

Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:36 pm

I think about the calculus that I would do if I was buying a new EV and the dealer said... "how much battery do you want ? It's $X/mile range."

If I could buy as much as I wanted, I don't think I'd buy much over 100 miles, 150 max. Especially if I had the REX. Now, without that, I still think 150 miles would be good enough. I live in Houston, and there is no CCS on the way to Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. If there was, and I expect there to be some in the next 3 years, then I figure that I'd be good with 150 miles. At some point, its just extra weight that you tote around and never use. e.g., I explain it as .... "would you want a 200 gallon gas tank in your corrolla ?" Think about how far you would tote that last 10 gallons that you'd never, ever, use."

I DID buy a 2015 Rex I3 for $21k, with 13,000 miles and all the goodies. I love it, and it now has almost 19,000 miles on it, since October. Only 4 gallons of gas burned so far.
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about 19,000 miles.
Driven 4,000 miles and have used less than 4 gals.

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Re: i3 is over

Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:58 pm

An EV takes a certain mindset that not all people have nor are the dealers or ads helping to promote what it is. I use my i3 as intended, and do not expect it to be one car for all purposes, and just like a pair of pliers, often, the proper wrench works better, but will work in a pinch. The REx helps in that analogy, but is still a pair of pliers! If you expect your EV to operate the same as an ICE, you'll be dissatisfied. Range is the biggest issue when long distances are involved, but the EV is not (right now) the best tool for the job.

As the batteries get more energy dense and the price comes down, along with faster charging (the allure of solid state batteries is so tempting!), but the tech is still evolving.

Sure, for the same price and weight, I'd like more battery power, but it wasn't a problem for me when I bought mine shortly after they were introduced in the USA, and it still isn't. It fit my use case. It may not fit yours. The worst thing is to find that after you bought it. Most people do not really know what they need, but are swayed by what they want.
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Re: i3 is over

Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:34 am

The way BMW is going with its up coming new I cars the i3 may be cheap buying. I do think trump could turn the whole EV market on i's head if he lowers miles per gallon consumption .

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Re: i3 is over

Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:55 pm

The battery is the heart of the EV, and so far to date has always been the limiting technology for an EV.
Bigger battery has so many advantages over the smaller counterparts.
e.g. Bigger batteries can sustain higher charge and discharge rates continuously . Even in a Tesla , when stretched to limits, the battery will overheat.
as i learned , in i3 64h , to keep the discharge C rate ideal , the car shroud not be continuously be driven above 74 Miles.
In 2017 i3 90h , it goes up to 84h , due to lager battery.
But when climbing up hill, as i do occasionally , battery is always the most limiting factor , it starts to loose SoC much faster with increased discharge rate.

The faster u drive or charge or accelerate , the bigger battery helps.
and i got a EV, as i do like to drive it fast.....
If u drive slow, u r good to go with smaller....
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