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Re: Volt vs BMW vs Prime

Sun May 21, 2017 8:03 am

jadnashuanh wrote:. . . The i3 REx, with its small gas tank paired with a small ICE, and serial hybrid configuration, is not well suited for longer range. . . .
I would equate cross country in a BMW i3-REx to cross country on a motorcycle. Faster than 70 mph soon defeats the trip much like the slip stream can beat up the rider. Stopping every 70 miles, ~1:15, means frequent, short breaks. At 38-40 MPG, it is in motorcycle performance but with four seats and luggage. Carry a spare can of gas, 1-2 gallons (2 gallons using a Briggs and Stratton gas can.)

Bob Wilson
20k/27k mi 2014 BMW i3-REx
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Re: Volt vs BMW vs Prime

Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:17 am

I have both a 2015 I3 and a 2017 Volt. I use the Volt to go to work and back, 21 miles. My wife uses the BMW to work and back, 7 miles.
She takes the Volt on Saturday to see her mom in Sun City, 100 miles round trip and I use the I3, I work most Saturdays. The Volt gets 44 miles on the freeway. She uses under 2 gallons. We don't use gas in town. Next week I'll put $6-$7 in gas so she has a full gas tank and a full charge.
In the 20 months we've had the I3 I've used less than 3 gallons and 1 of those was driving up from Tucson to Mesa the day of the purchase.
Say what you will but the Prius is not attractive to me. The 2nd generations were poor handling vehicles as told to me by people that own them. Perhaps the new ones are better. For me, the 2 vehicles we now have serve our needs. One will go long distances with a hold feature (hint to BMW) the other is an urban vehicle. I'm not going to carry 2 gallons in the frunk, that's not why I bought it.
If you like the Prius, go for it. I like the way the Volt handles and I like being able to spin the tires at launch without using sport mode. One day I'll grow up. Once you get past the twitchiness of the BMW it handles fine too.
When a manufacturer can produce a 500+ mile range that charges in the time it takes to fill a 20 gallon gas tank I'll get one. Until then...

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Re: Volt vs BMW vs Prime

Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:23 pm

Volt has a modest window over the Prime in a donut area
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