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Feb 5, 2024
Forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place (I’m a newbie here). I have had my 2016 i3 Rex 60ah for just under a month now. I have a question about misting up and how to check the ac is working. I notice the car starting to fog up as I was driving this afternoon with the air con on with air focusing on the windscreen. The fan was only on 1 bar speed but I’m just wondering if it’s normal to steam up so easy? It clears when it’s on 2 bars whether the air conditioner is on or off. I had it regassed yesterday which I think works. Is there any way to find out the ac is working in winter? I’m just paranoid as I’ve heard some people have had issues with the compressors on the i3. Also I should probably mention that if I turn the ac on the range doesn’t drop which I thought was strange.
Thank you
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