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May 3, 2021
My car is a lemon. I still own it because I love the stupid thing. I bought a TM3 long range to replace it, but never got to the 'get rid of the i3' phase. The car can still drive, but I would feel absolutely awful selling this to someone. I can't sell it in good conscience, and I cannot scrap it. I'm not putting another dime into it and I'm driving it into the ground.

I got it off lease with 25k km in 2018. It now has only 47k km.

The AC compressor blew within a year of ownership. Got the $25,000 quote to fix by BMW. I had it replaced by our local BMW (car club of Ottawa) club sponsor's allegedly reputable shop with assurances that extra filters were in place. It blew again basically immediately. Warranty was only 30 days. I brought it to a different highly recommended BMW specialist shop to guesstimate the AC cost, and to resolve the issue with nav not launching. 14k to fix AC, head unit unfixable, can't find replacement parts for it. Still cost me lots of money for no positive outcomes.

It has left me stranded several times because the car never sleeps and slowly drains the 12v battery. The car won't go into drive when this is the case. I have to keep a spare battery in the trunk. I remove the 12v, and disconnect the HV battery and let the car fully de-energize before swapping the new 12v in. Then the car starts up.

No air conditioning.
No bluetooth.
No horn.
No level 3 charging.
Reduced cabin heating efficiency.

I hate the ownership experience of this car. If you are happy with your car, I'm happy for you. This account is dormant, but I was brought back here by new forum notifications, so here I am just ranting a little.
Sounds like we need to find more reliable AC parts for the I3 somehow.
It may be better to look at Toyota or Honda equivalent AC parts in their hybrid or BEV cars.