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Feb 9, 2022
Hi there. Found a Company named Endurance with a 5 star rating for a 100, 000 mile , 5 year everything covered 100% except for the battery insurance. Great Company and I am satisfied with my quote. Now I need you guys to tell me if there is even such a thing to cover the 6 cell battery part of it. Called a ton of places today and no one covers that part. Any recommendations? I just purchased a 2014 BMW I3 with over 100, 000 miles so the clock is ticking and I would never be able to afford an expensive battery. Need everyones help and recommedations on this one. Thanks!
My feeling is that if your battery pack hasn't lost much capacity after 100k miles, it will probably perform well for many more miles. Battery cells tend to lose capacity at a faster rate initially It will continue losing capacity, but if it still provides enough range for your needs, you should be fine. Many 60 Ah battery packs seem to be degrading substantially after far fewer than 100k miles, but if yours isn't one of these packs, you're probably good.

Insurance companies might not feel that they have enough experience with battery pack life to offer insurance. If they did, it would probably be quite expensive due to the cost of a new battery pack and the age of yours. You'd probably be better off financially by self-insuring by stashing a bit of cash away each month. I expect less expensive 3rd-party battery packs to be available in the future now that battery pack warranties are expiring.