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Oct 12, 2023
Hello I3 owners,

I recently bought an I3 and I’m struggling with some issues. I want to charge my battery to 80% at night so I made a schedule in my Wallbox that starts charging the I3 at 00:01 AM.

When I plug in my I3 and lock the car the cable isn’t locked to the car until 00:01 AM (when charging starts). Everyone is able to take it out before charging starts; is this normal? Anyone has an solution?

When I try to setup charging times in the I3 software it often happens it doesn’t stop charging as set because the car itself measures it will not be at 100% at departure time and keeps charging (but I don’t want it to be at 100% at departure time).

Thanks for reading and all suggestions are welcome.

Kind regards,

2020 i3 Dark Shadow edition 120Ah 42 kWh
Some (all?) J1772 charging plugs (mostly North America) include a hole that a small padlock could be inserted into which would prevent the unlocking trigger from being pressed. This should prevent the plug from being unplugged, but I've never tried doing this.

I don't think that the Mennekes plug (mostly rest of the world) has a similar feature, but I'm not familiar with that plug.

The i3 charging software doesn't support charging to anything but full, so it cannot be used to charge to 80%.