Do you have a Wallbox charger at home, or why not?

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I semi-agree on the nomenclature (potato/patato). I only mention it because I can imagine some blue hair olde lady on an HOA board blowing a gasket on charger charger charger. When all you are really asking for is a circuit drop for a what I would call a Amp limit control module with built in hand shake and I'd throw in "thingy' at the end just for fun. I'm sure most don't even understand that the max they can even use for an I3 is 32amp/30US @7.7 kw Ac and there eyes get big when they see they can plug in to a 350kw max Dc charger when their max for that is 50kw. But then I run mine almost completely off solar around here. This stuff sort of reminds me of President Lyndon Johnson and the SR-71 story.
It's not necessary to charge to 100% for cell charge level balancing to occur. During my 7 years of i3 ownership, I've typically charged to a displayed 80% - 90% yet the minimum and maximum cell voltage difference at a 100% charge level is only 0.004 V indicating excellent cell charge level balance.
I doubt charging to 100% in this car makes any noticeable impact on battery longevity. This battery is different than Tesla packs (at least the non-iron based ones where in the new iron based packs you actually are recommended to charge to 100% once a week or so).
Agreed, in the grand scheme it makes zero difference because when there is a commonly accepted reference, and somebody writes or says "charger," those who know know they're referring to an EVSE. There's a common understanding, just like when somebody writes "your" but means to write "you're." But hey, we all have our Cliff Clavin moments.

What floored me was when I was reading through an Electrify America document and THEY referred to their DCFC chargers (which are actual chargers) as EVSEs! I did not know that !
Apparently, after reading this, so do these people. Learn something everyday.

What is EVSE? - EV Charging Summit Blog
We have a 2015 REX and had a 32amp/7KW BMW external wall box installed shortly after delivery. The various grants available from the UK government at the time meant it only cost £150 total so an absolute bargain. We’ve used it to charge the i3 to 100% throughout its life and battery degradation seems minimal (45k miles) but I must admit that I haven’t actually had it measured. When the sun is shining we charge on the granny lead from the solar panels/home battery. The wall box has an internal key operated switch so it can be isolated if we are away from home.
The wall box is also shared with the Tesla Y we bought in September 2022.