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May 31, 2021
My 2017 I3 rex model gave this error message recently.


Only electric drive possible. Limited driving range. Continued driving possible. Consult service center. I pulled the codes from ISTA

21E973 Temperature sensor 2 engine compartment, signal: Short circuit to B+

21E94B Temperature sensor engine compartment, signal: Short circuit to B+

222B26 EME, ground connection monitoring, sensor signal: Short circuit to B+

Anyone have an idea of how to go about repairing? The car drives normally aside from msg. Battery is from 3/21 going to try a new one today. On another board someone suggested changing the temperature fuse as it should be intermittent, didnt resolve issue. Any other ideas?
As a wild guess, I would go with a fault (maybe corrosion) with the common ground point (to the chassis) for those sensors,