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Nov 24, 2021
Just wondering if anyone else had a similar issue as my dealer says BMW "are aware of a few".

i3s, 12 months old, done 25,000 miles. Wife left the lights on a couple of weeks ago - no ill effects other than my getting flashed thinking my lights were on to discover "someone" had flipped them off from auto - Hmmm...

Two days ago, came to car in the morning and the frunk was open, thought "odd" and closed it. Next day did 140 mile round trip - all good.

Next day, car dead in the morning - only sign of life was flashing hazard light switch and an open frunk (again) and open boot. Guessed the 12v battery was flat and the frunk opening was the car trying to offer access to the battery. No error codes on the dash.

Called BMW, tech arrived and reported that the 12v battery was at 4.5v, so needed charging. Charged battery, once back to 12v the car woke up as normal. He plugged a diagnostic in and did a download = EME fault, needs to be towed to dealer.

Dealer calls, "there are errors with various high voltage systems, the factory want us to return ALL the high voltage components and looms for them to investigate, so we will be replacing everything" ... I assume this means EME, main battery, 12v battery and motor plus control hardware and wiring - virtually a new car.

I should be receiving the list of components that they are replacing next week, most of it is on back order to Germany.

Anybody else had a similar experience?