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Sep 13, 2023

Today I discovered a small piece of broken glass when opening the rear door of my i3,
I thought it was remaining from a repair from the previous owner.
Then I noticed that the outer skin of the door was detached from the top, the rear tab of the glass that is in a clamp is broken,
the outer skin is misaligned from top to bottom without any marks of vandalism or shock.
And also the interior panel of the door is not in its position. (Large gap along the pillar)

I tried to understand what happened to the door but there’s nothing that could explain what happened,
and nothing seems to be free to be moved back to it's position.
I believe there was already something done to that door in the past as when getting the car I noticed
that a rubber seal was not properly seated on the top of the door.
I called BMW Assistance as the car is under warranty but they told me to get in touch with the dealer first, (but of course we were a Saturday afternoon)

I was wondering if somebody already had this problem and know from where this could come ?

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I just had an explanation, I visited the BMW dealer, they immediately noticed that the glass was replaced and badly reinstalled,
the pieces of broken glass are from the previous one and all the covers are misaligned.
If anyone already had a such problem of bad repair on a BMW Premium Selection car, do they know how this is covered by the warranty?
The dealer wasn't sure that the warranty would cover the bad work that was done by the previous BMW dealer who sold me the car. (German warranty)
What makes it a "Premium Selection" car? According to BMW Germany it is:

"A vehicle you can rely on: With your new used car, you automatically receive a 24-month BMW Premium Selection warranty on all mechanical and electronic parts. So that you won't find anything on your BMW Premium Selection used car for a long time - except the joy of driving."


"BMW Premium Selection vehicles are only available from BMW Premium Selection participants.

Our used cars meet the highest standards, because no matter on optical or technical details, interior or exterior: Every BMW Premium Selection vehicle has successfully completed our thorough vehicle check and meets all precisely defined product standards 100%."

The BMW Dealer that SOLD you the car appears to have missed this on THEIR "thorough vehicle check". That should be on them. You should be keeping all correspondence and contacting BMW corporate that this Dealer advertised a car as meeting their "Premium Selection" group but it did not.
Thanks for the advices this helped me for the letter I made for my request.
My local BMW dealer fixed the problem, as they diagnosed, the glass wasn't in it's holder that was stuffed with old pieces of shattered glass and they also noticed that the glossy trim on the front edge of the glass was missing. (which will help me to prove to the German dealer that the problem was there prior to the delivery as zooming of the advertisement photos shows it was already missing)

Btw, I just noticed that the inside door handle light is not working on that door.
They had to hurry to give me back the car before they close as the mess they found in the door took them more time than expected,
is it possible that they had to unplug it and forgot to plug it back for a such job?
(I'm used to an old E39 where the inside door panel wiring was inside over the insulation sheet so I have no idea if on the i3 the door handle is wired to the connectors that can be reached from the outside)
From the picture they sent me they removed only the outer skin of the door and the pillar trims and there's something that looks like an unplugged connector in the middle.



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