i3 Rex problems after 15days and 800miles

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jadnashuanh said:
Contact patch is what determines the primary grip, and a large diameter tire that is narrow will have the same (or better) total contact patch as a smaller diameter, wider one. There is no big detriment to going larger in diameter if the vehicle is designed for it...narrower means less wind resistance, which, on an EV is a big deal. The higher profile also means that it can absorb bumps better. If you're buying an i3 for autocross, you're buying the wrong car!

I agree with you - I was hoping to hear the issue popsmuf has...

BTW, I think this car could be decent for autox, as it is small, fast, stable, tight cornering and responsive. Not sure about the steering feedback, I heard it feels a bit disconnected... Probably the summer tires are the best for autox.
RJBarry said:
MikeS said:
Of course I drove the car over its full range before I bought it.
You are lucky, my dealership is refusing an extending test drive after multiple requests.

In which case I would use a different dealer if I could. It would seem that it general the dealers in UK are more accommodating. I think they know we won’t buy a car unless we can test it to our content. Mine even brought an i3 over to me one day when I wanted to test my EVSE.