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Nov 5, 2016
I haven't been able to find clear info about over the air (OTA) navigation updates. 2020 i3s in the US. I see 'Automatic map update: ID, MT, OR, WA, WY 2022-1', is that installed or something i need to trigger to install? The base install appears to be 'North America EVO 2020-2'.

It's confusing because the version number is selectable but nothing happens when it's clicked.

However, I believe the OTA update occurs automatically.

My 2021's North American base map shows 2020-3. The car left the factory in Jan '21.

Below that my screen lists two maps: TX 2021-2 and CA/HI/NV 2022-1.

I bought my car in Texas in August of '21, and on my drive home to California I OTA updated to the CA map. That was my last interaction with the Nav database. So it appears my car has automatically updated to a 2022 California map, but continues to hold the 2021 Texas map in reserve.
I have a 2020 i3S and still stuck on 2019-2 maps. Never had an update since owning the car and even when I alerted the dealership their attempt to load the most recent map (2022-2) was unsuccessful. I paid extra for the Professional NAV and have a year left on the warranty so any thoughts on what I should be doing here.
@Timjohn is your telematics otherwise working correctly? Can you send commands to your car via the phone app and search for POIs?

Actually, since your service department can't force-load it, it sounds like a different issue, but just eliminating possibilities.
For a basic installation, I suggest you go to some dealership or try to find information on your issue on this website about cars -- https://zumroad.com/automotive. I can't help you any other way because I've never tried to solve car problems on my own, so I went straight to a dealership. But I just wanted to do something to help you, so if you have any more questions, please send me a private message. Good luck to you, my friend. I think you will get help here on this forum.