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Mar 8, 2019
On the subject of e-SYS coding, I am doing this with an OBD2 cable with 2017 e-SYS with PSdZDATA on my 2017 i3.

It took me 5 hours to download and install onto a spare PC and another 5 hour day to hook up and alter the first coding settings, using all the info I could find on the various Bimmerpost etc. forums. OK taking it slow I dont want a bricked car...

I'm seeking help with how the cars various ECUs store data / config files and how to change these files.

So far I have listed some of the functions; if anyone can add to the knowledgebase that would be appreciated:

FA : factory order
VO : vehicle order coding - changes options globally without having to enter changes to each affected ECU
FDL : function data list - list of activ attributes within each ECU - FDL coding just changes individual ECU attributes by overwriting the VO coding
VCM : vehicle configuration management- (a) FA = vehicle order profile, VIN, options
(b) SVT = software variant table, lists ECU name, CAFD id, firmare but no coding parameters
(c) CAF
(d) CAFD = the processed CAF = need to know the CAFD id in order to load into FDL editor
(e) NCD = the net coded data - the compiled data ready to be activated using the FDL editor

I'd like to understand exactly which of the software and hardware / firmware systems are configureable fot he different i3 country markets.

The hardest issue to date is figuring where the HU-H nav system gets its configuration settings from.
Not asking about USB enterable files such as map updates.
Does the nav unit need a different software set for each country / region?
Does the car already have all files required for selection of the various country settings?
Does e-SYS contain files which may need to be loaded depending on an option / region change for the car?
Are there files which are not in e-SYS but need getting from BMW?

What I'm currently working on is my i3 imported from Japan. A similar situation exists for UK cars operating in this country.

I'm unable to purchase the local Australia / NZ maps download online from the website because of VIN zone mismatch.
Once this is fixed, I will need to get the nav HU-H to operate with the different country type map data files.
The car already displays local weather widgets etc. so i know Connected Drive is already working. The GPS knows the cars is 4,000km away from its last position but cannot plot a new route due to lack of route data.
The BMW dealer says they will get the VIN registration changeover done.
They cannot (or are not allowed to) get the nav maps to work, this is done for their customers cars by engaging a 3rd party company 500km away to come and do the car. like about 3 days and $800 to do the car.
I respect the company for what they do and their independent IP in doing this task, however I expect its nothing different to the way I have already got e-SYS working for my car and started coding the simple things.
If its all too difficult, I will just use a tablet for Nav as the live chargepoint info is probably better than Connected Drive can provide
So a followup on DIY i3 coding the hard way

Start by reading the tutorial and getting the ethernet / OBD adapter and a copy of E-Sys with tokenmaster here:

The steps I use on the i3 are

E-Sys resides on my PC within a VM (VMware virtual machine) called "coding" which runs its own date code therefore the token doesnt expire

1/ open the VM "coding", connect the OBD port and ethernet up.
2/ play Virtual Machine
3/ open Esys (need to go thru some steps to generate a token)
4/ in token dialog - select mode I01 path= C/Esys token
5/ Esys Expert mode, [coding], click connection button
6/ select I01 series, push start on car - just operating readiness is OK, *connect via VIN, * VCM selected, [connect]
esys should say "connection established. Ignore the connection icon it may have a red X or not, but still works.
7/ [read] "vehicle order" top Left side panel, then [read ECU], right side panel
8/ look for FA files - expand - find CAFD file - right-click "read coding data", close.
there are CAFD files in each ECU, such as 00000 DED 003 = HU - 3000 radio, NAVI, 30001 RDC TPM, 30002 speed limit info, 30004 system settings
000011BE 05L = body electrics - 3062 lights mapping
00000 1AB 006 = 30001, 30002 seatbelts warnings
000011AC = rollover sensors etc.
000001AD 004 = FGS sensors........
0000016EE 113 = aircon, engines etc.
9/ [SAVE] (edit file name, it will save to CAFD folder). THIS IS OPTIONAL PRECAUTION to RECOVER from problems caused later!
10/ expand the CAFD file (+) , right click "edit FDL"
11/ look in folder for parameters to change, eg. HU NBT for the radio / nav system, open the listing, right click on unset options
12/ right-click on the parameter you want to activate, if it says "nien-aktiv", change it to "aktiv", do as many changes wanted within this ECU
13/back out of page <-- , click [YES] to save changes
14/ in [FA] (top of page) right-click "ACTIVATE FA"
15/ keep the CAFD selected, when done, CODE FDL in coding panel

if comms were lost, [disconnect], power up car if it has turned off, reconnect using comms icon button and continue session.
If successful, car should reset some items, beep a few times, the radio come back on but the memory presets probably lost

Things I changed:
in HU NBT - FM radio = Australia (changes the FM band from Japan)
AM radio = MW band (enables AM radio which works very well except when driving - its only useable on local stations)
RDC SAFETY (tyre monitor) = druck and temp -this doesnt work yet
RDC SAFETY set to aktiv
RDC (currently not active)
INCREMENTAL UPDATE (currently not active)
NAVI VARIANTE (Japan 03) changed to ece - there was no Australia choice

in ACSM 3000 DISABLE REMINDER disable seatbelt msg
GWF IW DISABLE disable gongs
3001 GWF SBR seatbelt warnings disable 3x

I have stopped making further changes because its increasingly difficult to see where the parameters are to be changed.
There are 4 pages of lighting mapping available, brightness of sidelights, parking lights and DRL, but I dont know which to select for my model and without the correct info i'd be poking around in the dark - literaly.

My goal now is to get the i3 to accept and update the NAV map data I purchased.
Most of this is specific to cars imported from another country.
Despite BMW changing my VIN to local country zone, the NAV is not loading the maps and nobody has the correct answer.
I may have a faulty set of files some code missing on the USB I have a lifetime FSC for my VIN but not keen on buying another lot of map to troubleshoot this.
I feel I should be close, in the HU NBT area esp. NAVI VARIANTE and maybe INCREMENTAL UPDATE but I dont know precisely how these should be set up. according to the vendor, it just works, and it did for a friend who purchased the same map data on his 2014 i3.
According to BMW, a 3rd party has to do it for $650
I guess I should be thankful its not a Nissan Leaf (have to replace the whole head unit) or brand new dealer supplied Hyundai Kona $4000 to change the Irish spec Nav for a local one which are now shipped as standard for those that waited long enough to get the proper shipments
thanks yes I tried to post BMW coding registered 6 mths ago but havent been enabled to make posts yet I'm still in the moderators que

I have registered again but that is still in the que so cant post or reply to anything or send PM - nothing