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Sep 9, 2019
After much deliberation I picked a phone holder for my i3, the iOttie "Easy One Touch 4." I'm using it with an LG V30 in a thin case, measuring 3-1/8" / 78mm across.

I typically run my phone in landscape, and set out looking for something that would visually place my phone between the i3's screen and the shortcut buttons. I'm migrating from a holder that mounted in a CD slot, which was close to a perfect solution.

I'm no fan of vent mounts, and wanted something I could generally operate with one hand.


What I ended up with -- as shown in the photos -- is pretty close to what I visualized from the get-go, except that I initially eliminated the iOttie because its appearance is gangly. I wanted a more compact, less obtrusive mount.

The angle of the arm has micro-detents, and locks down with a thumb screw. The length of the arm can be adjusted in and out an inch or so, also with a thumb screw to lock it in place. I can rotate the phone to portrait if needed with the adjustable friction ball head.

The sticky suction cup affixes directly to the smooth plastic backside of the dash without resorting to the included tape-on plastic disk, which might be necessary in lieu of mounting directly to the textured wood grain surface. Mounting the iOttie in this location masks much of its ugliness, at least from the usual perspective of the driver.


Someone who prefers portrait orientation may not like this mount in this location because the phone would block the i3's screen and/or shortcut buttons, depending how it's set up. Also, a driver who sits lower (I'm 6'1" and have my seat in the lowest position) might find their line of sight doesn't provide a sufficient visual gap between the i3 screen and the shortcut buttons to make this an acceptable location for a phone. As is, my shortcut buttons are partially obscured, and the very bottom-right portion of my screen is obstructed.

Despite the extended arm, the mount is proving to be solid, resulting in no noticeable jiggling with finger presses, nor when subjected to the i3's sometimes harsh ride.
Thanks for the post and the pics! I have my phone in a similar location, although I used the tape-on disc on the wood. Didn't think to try it on the dash where you did, good idea.