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Jan 23, 2023

My 2.5 year old BMW i3 has just started showing the following symptoms when locked (or unlocked)

-Start/Stop button slowly (once per second) flashes orange - in a slow brighter/fade manner.
-the park brake light in on
- the warning triangle is on

There are no warning messages on the app nor on the display - and the car starts and drives just fine.

It is a little cold (-2c) outside but its been colder.

Any ideas?
The Owner's Manual includes descriptions of the start/stop button lighting:

Lighting pulses orange
▷ After unlocking and opening the door.
▷ After switching off drive-ready state.
When the brake pedal is depressed, the lighting becomes more intense.

Various interior lights turn on and off for reasons that I don't usually understand. I suppose their behavior means something, but the Owner's Manual isn't very description and information can be difficult to find.
You seem to have only just noticed these "symptoms". My 2017 BEV does this. I just checked it.
This is perfectly normal because once you unlock the car, or lock the car or just close the doors and walk away, the car remains in "Accessory Mode" for about 10-15 minutes. This keeps the 12v power ports energized as well. After that time period it times out and all those lamps you see "on" will go "off".
Did you find any fix?

My 2017 ev also has this behavior. Started couple of weeks ago. It’s also “updates” every 4-6 hours by its own in the app. It has never done that before. Just when I locked the car. Also noticed this drops the high voltage battery percentage over time.

I saw this flashing lights many hours after I locked the car. No key in close proximity.

I really don’t know what’s wrong. My best bet is that the car reacts to low voltage on the 12v, and starts charging.

Also may be a hangup elsewhere which activates the car. From bmw server or the car itself.

I’ve ordered a new 12v Battery. Installing tomorrow.