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Feb 8, 2022
Brisbane, Australia
This might just be me, but I can't help thinking that most of the issues that come up in the forum are as a direct result of tinkering by owners. I don't think that any modern car can be treated the same way as in the past... like in the 50's, 60's and perhaps the 70's, and maybe even the 80's. I purchased my 2017 i3 Rex in 2022 from Gold Coast BMW. It has been since serviced by Brisbane BMW here in Queensland. I have had a couple of small, issues, easily remedied by BMW Brisbane. Having previously owned an Audi A3, serviced by a local European specialist, I have had very few issues there either. I do like reading threads about tyres, (sorry, the Australian spelling) for example, although living in a subtropical climate, winter tyres are simply not an issue, and other topics. As to buying an i3 second-hand from a private seller, my advice would be "buyer beware", simply because your new purchase may have been "tinkered with". It would need a very thorough inspection by an authorised BMW. And before I get howled down, 'Yes', I do like my cars, although I am not a hands-on person.
Perhaps there isn't one specific to Australia, but there is a global "BMW i3 modified" group on FaceBook which might amuse you.

Some nice posts there about fitting tyres (tires) that stick out beyond the edge of the car by 2" or so? Apparently it makes them very cheap to replace...

But plenty of other info on coding mods (of which I've done a very small number on my own car).