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Jul 11, 2018
Last night the ITV program 'Tonight' here in the UK had an episode titled, 'what car should I buy'. A motoring journalist Ginny Buckley did the presenting. Quite interesting viewing and available on the ITV hub on catch up for the next 29 days. Series 20 episode 29.
What I fail to understand was why the BMW Range Extender did not get a mention especially as they highlighted 'range anxiety'. In my opinion, because of that omission, the program did nothing to help the cause of the electric vehicle.
Finally letting a 'petrol head' take a drive in a £100,000 Tesla to show how quick they can be is hardly going to convince the average car owner of making the move to electric because it is a model the vast majority or road users will ever be able to afford.
It is cheaper to stuff more batteries in a car than a range extender. Manufacturers have moved on from REX due to cost and unfavorable regulation. It is not about what makes sense (a 6000 lbs SUV doesn't make sense), but what people think they want and what policies promote.