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Autoweek i3 review

Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:37 am

Born electric 4/25/15 (2015 REx)
Re-born fully electric 7/27/19 (2019 i3s BEV)

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Re: Autoweek i3 review

Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:21 pm

So I posted:

We bought an end-of-lease, BMW i3-REx in 2016 and it was the perfect trainer for our 2019 Model 3. Single pedal driving, dynamic cruise control, and relearning how to drive a motorcycle cross-country. You don't drive on a 2 gal tank, at midnight, on the Interstate without planning every gas stop. Perfect training for our Model 3.

When we got our Standard Range Plus Model 3, I drove it by the airport to do some maximum acceleration benchmarks in "chill" mode, the way I like to drive it. The next night, I did the same with our BMW i3-REx and in my preferred, ECO Mode (middle power setting.) It turned out they have the same acceleration curve up to 70 mph when the Model 3 keeps pulling and the BMW i3-REx tapers off.

Every two months, I take the BMW i3-REx out for a day to air the tires, check the A/C, run the engine, and wash the tree sap off. Given the horror stories of Tesla repairs, the BMW i3-REx is our backup ... and vice a versa. Around town, EV costs and performance are pretty much identical. Going cross country, both require more IQ than the usual rabbits.

Bob Wilson
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