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Re: own ICE cars, wish you didn't?

Wed May 20, 2020 7:10 am

17 i3. Absorbs all the not fun and not long distance driving, which ends up being ~70% of our total miles.
05 M3. My weekend/track car. IMO one of the best cars ever made. 3071 lbs (with full interior), 352 rwhp (NA) at 8200rpm, 6mt, CSL airbox makes it sounds like a supercar without being annoying (not loud or droney). Every drive in it is a glorious event and I will never sell it.
04 M3 wagon. This is the DD of whoever isn't DDing the i3 that day. I love this car-- drives like a stock M3, but hugely practical with the wagon form.
01 M5. When we need to transport 4 adults in comfort. We mostly keep it because my wife just loves it. Too big/torquey/heavy for what I really like in a car. That said, it's pretty freaking amazing for long distance high speed trips in comfort. It feels more in control and faster (accelerating) at 150mph than the i3 does at 94mph.
03 Suburban. Barely gets used-- averaging ~300 miles per year. Used if we need to tow something or transport 5-7 people. Will probably be selling. I hate driving this car, but it has practical benefits that can't really be matched by anything else. That said, I kind of want to replace it with a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, as I think overlanding could be a fun family activity to get into, and it could still handle our limited towing and deep snow needs.

So, no... not planning to get off the ICE any time soon, even though the majority of our miles are EV in the i3. All the good/fun miles are in ICE cars.



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