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Dec 13, 2023

I am new to this forum and should have joined years ago. Me and my partner had an i3 Rex each. Interestingly I bought mine to rack up the miles on my journey to and from work rather than put the miles on my 911 and my wife got hers to be more eco. After a 2.5 years of ownership I traded it in for an i8 so we could do a driving holiday to Portugal. During that holiday the i8 developed ac issues (not good during 45 degree heat) and a crack in the wind screen (Portugal don't carry i8 wind screen, neither did the uk...)) so I had to drive carefully and order a replacement. Once sorted, the i8 went on a journey to Scotland (the very top) when it failed as a transmission issue. I had the car garaged at Inverness (who were very poor service comms and delivery) for repair. Eventually it was repaired (radiator issue) and then went on a 500 mile journey to reach me at my home. The journey took 3 changes of transport which involved 3 or more heavy handed staff moving the car up and down ramps and flatbeds which resulted in damage to the sills and an accumulation oil and dirt in the interior. I fell out of love with the car. Long story short...I love the i3 rex and identified that the I3s BEV (or indeed the i3 BEV) is more than enough for a more than an average journey and brilliant in every day use. I use it weekly to travel 120 miles each way, easy and a quick charge brings me home. Often shows 167 miles of range.

It is in the best colour and interior suit (Dark blue with brown leather interior) and is amazing in hot conditions and snowy weather.

What a car.

I also own a Tesla Model 3 Performance and me and my wife, go for the i3s every time for a more fun compelling drive.

Happy driving and safe travels.


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