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Aug 12, 2022
I recently bought a 2017 rex with sport package and this is what my bright lights look like with the headlights blocked off. I guess there in the fog light section low on the front bumper where I thought the fog lights would be, but I don't have a button for fog lights. They don't look like there LED. They are way out of adjustment. Is this a coding problem or do I need to manually adjust them and how would I do it? Couldn't find any videos on YouTube. I live in rural country with lots of deer and I really need brights. I posted on Facebook BMW i3 Technical and Repair group with a picture of the problem. Here's the link.
As you've learned, the i3 has no fog lights; the lights in the bumper of 2014-2017 i3's are halogen high beams. Some have replaced the halogen with LED bulbs, but the reflector is designed for the concentrated almost point light source of a halogen bulb whereas the light from an LED bulb originates from a larger area. This results in more scatter and poorer focus when LED bulbs are installed even though they are usually brighter and whiter.

You've also learned how to adjust them.