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Sep 15, 2014
Ontario, Canada
We started out test driving a 2014 Panda i3 at BMW Toronto in 2014, one of the first ones they had. I loved it but wasn’t ready to move into a new car yet. We waited another year and ordered a 2015 REx in Arravani Grey with the Suite interior (Dalbergia Brown leather). It was such a cool car, especially once I figured out coding to add HSoC and the larger fuel tank. Those two changes really transformed the car for road trips, putting it back to how BMW intended it be used. Unfortunately the REx turned out to be a dud, constant CELs, occasionally dying while in use, it was in the shop way too often. I figured the little gas engine would be the least of the i3’s problems considering how complex and new the rest of the car was. By the time the 4yr lease was up, the i3-family was on its 3rd battery size so we decided to order a 2019 i3s 120Ah BEV, no more crappy REx!! Also in those 4 years our province of Ontario had gone from 2 DCFC’s in 2015 to over 300, so I wasn’t concerned about roadtripping without an ICE backup.

The i3s has been awesome, flawless (knock on wood dash), fun to drive and very low on kilometres thanks to a little global pandemic. So after the 4yr lease was up this past July we bought it out and plan to hold onto it for another couple of years and wait for what EV next interests us and fits our needs.