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Aug 25, 2017
As an introduction, I own a 2014 REX with Giga trim and the Technology package. I've had it for about 6 years, now. It had some 30k miles on it, and was happy to pay just over a third of the MSRP! It has now done a little over 70k. I chose the REX because we have charger deserts where I go on a regular basis, so I had to get more than the 80-90mile range. Re-coded, obviously, for effective REX use. I have never charged it at a public charger apart from when I first got it to check that the DC charging worked! Other than that, I have a Duosida soap-on-a-rope plugged into a dryer socket at home.
It has had at least its share of woes:
  • New HV pack, luckily replaced under warranty (at 7 years and 11 months!).
  • The car lives outside in Florida, so the roof film is completely shot - currently stripped for painting. The headliner is falling down for the same reason.
  • The A/C compressor went out a couple of months ago.
  • One of the A-pillar covers flew off (in heavy traffic on a highway, naturally...).
  • The LEDs on the buttons for the A/C and Recycling are intermittent. A contact problem, I suppose, but it has only ever been those two. I haven't had the courage to try to dismantle the dashboard to try to fix them.
  • There was a HV cable that went high-impedance.
So, battery apart, that's about $4.5k in repairs. I'm on only my second set of front tires, and have just installed the third set at the rear. I got sticker shock as the Bridgestones have doubled in price since my last purchase! I guess that's the major pain of having a low-volume car which has now been discontinued. It's a shame we only have the single source in the US.
However, on the positive side, it is practical and fun to drive and, despite all the newer competition, I haven't been tempted to try anything else, even a newer i3, which is a testament to its owner-friendliness.