Cabin air flow too low

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Jan 22, 2020
Madrid, Spain
I have noticed that when I open up a window, the air flow coming out from the dash vents is much higher than when all windows are should be like this but I thing it is too low/weak to be normal....

It seems to me that the vent that let's the air out (=cabin recirculation vent?) could be clogged or something hence preventing a good air ventilation taking place .
Any clue to where this "vent" is located or how to get to it ?

Many thanks for your help.
Impossible to tell without some sort of measurement to verify.
Bertone said:
Any clue to where this "vent" is located or how to get to it ?

Thats a good question, i've always wondered myself... in traditional steel unibody cars its almost always hiding behind the rear bumper fascia, but being how unusual the i3 is built i'm not sure where its located. Looking at some life module pics I bet its the rectangle on each side of the rear quarter: