My BMW i3s in Metallic Green, Fully Equipped, in Germany

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Dec 8, 2022
I purchased my BMW i3s in April 2019 and have not regretted a single moment of the purchase to this day. I consciously bought the car with the maximum equipment, except for the tinted rear windows (sun protection glazing), as I personally find that it visually disrupts the elegant, futuristic lines of the car.

I had the car wrapped in metallic green. The most important effect of the wrap was to also cover the front hood, i.e., not leaving it black. This brings out the characteristic BMW kidney grille at the front. The car gains a much better appearance at the front as a result.

I have only driven the car for 24,000 km (approximately 14,912 miles) so far, including some highway trips. I've noticed only a few quality issues. Particularly in winter operation, there is a slight creaking in the front axle when maneuvering during parking, i.e., when turning at a standstill or at low speeds.

I would have equipped the i3s even better if there had been the option. The driving assistance system here in Germany is relatively useless, as it only works on highways up to 60 km/h (about 37 mph), and even then, it's very unreliable. That's unfortunate.

From the beginning, I found the suspension, and thus the comfort of the car, to be too harsh, but this is due to its technical design. As I said: If I were in BMW's place, I would have positioned the i3, at least optionally, more strongly in the luxury segment.

I can gladly provide more photos. I believe I can say that my i3s is quite unique.


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This is absolutely gorgeous! The photograph with the 635 positioned next to your i3 is also beautiful ...I would like to know what kind of metallic green it is, I have also had the privilege of having owned a 635 CSi in a lighter shade of metallic green with a tan interior. Both great designs from BMW from different eras .
I've never had a serious desire to wrap a car...

... until I saw an i3 in green.

In my case, "British Racing Green" (I think – or maybe Jaguar?). In any case, green on an i3 is fantastic.