Got an i3, what cable do i need for pod point chargers without cable built in?

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Aug 16, 2022
Hello. sorry if this is a basic question, ive used the I3 at a couple of charging stations with the cables built in without issues, and at home once

However there is a few pod point units that have no cables provided that I would like to try at, I am wondering what external cable i need to purchase to fit these connections to then go into my i3, or if anyone could link me the cable please. Kindest regards

Image shown here of what i need to connect my I3 to -

I'm presuming i could just get a CCS2 cable at both ends (without the 2 big DC pins/ connectors at the bottom, just the 7 above) and just be able to use this on slower charging external ports?
I'm more familiar with the US's setup where the EVSE has the cable attached but I think if you search for a 'mennekes cable' you'll be in the right ballpark.