lost range after dealer battery diagnosis

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Jan 21, 2023
As my 2015 rex seemed to show 62-64 miles on full charge and still has 4 months on battery warranty, I decided to take it to a local BMW for a free diagnosis. After it came back from the dealer, they said its within normal tolerances. Now, since it returned from the dealer, I've noticed that my charging is only showing up to around 55-56 miles on FULL CHARGE. Any help on this greatly appreciated.
I thought of that as well. Its out here in Los Angeles, and the lows at night have been in the low 40's.
The range changes as you drive and is based on roughly the last 18 miles of "driving" or "use". If the car sat at the Dealer in Ready State but did not drive around, that will affect the Estimated Range. You need to go back to driving it and not focusing on the "range" because it will always change over time. It is not a fixed figure.