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Nov 20, 2019
I recently purchased my first i3, a used one. Euro-spec 2015 60Ah REX

This one has basic interior without the cool blue lights or door handle/dash/foot well lights.

I am pretty sure that they can be retrofitted but has anyone done this?

Roof light modules are different part number and some light conductors are needed for the rest. Is there something i m missing?
Answering to myself :D

Compared some TIS information and it seams do-able.

Annoying job seems to be running the wires from BDC to light modules if they are not present. I did not find information is the main harness same on all versions or not.

Ill update this once I have time to check those wiring's.
I've been told, but haven't confirmed, that BMW tends to have each harness built for a specific vehicle with few, if any, extra wires in them (one of the few tends to be to enable satellite radio). Not like in the 'old' days when there might be a bunch of plugs and sockets buried behind panels for options that are not incorporated in that vehicle.
Compared part no. from ETK

There is 3 different main harness no.s. Unfortunately, no explanation on the differences.
Door harness are different if lights are present on doors.

Guessing from this, the wiring must be added.

Fortunately, BCM-module is same, so its matter of wiring and coding to run these lights. No biggie.

I am thinking to go with roof modules, door and dash lights on inside but no vanity mirror or outside door handle lights (at least on first step).

There might be fault codes from missing lights in this case but I don't think it will be a problem.

I started to collect the parts needed, I will update when project moves on.
Hoping there has been progress for this?

Also very interested in if it possible, as I'm researching retrofitting a 2019 Deka World model with the ambient light elements.

Note: I'm also trying to upgrade to the larger 10" screen, but that apparently requires a corresponding head unit replacement under the back seat. I'm guessing it's all tied together, for the ability to select the ambient light modes in the menu.
I've also been considering this - because I'm interested in changing the rather poor interior light for one with LED map lights. But it doesn't look easy!

If you take a look at the wiring, it's a *lot* more complicated. With the basic central light there are just three connections to the BDC. With the ambient lighting setup there are 13 connections to the BDC, plus one LINbus wire. I've gone as far as buying the central light fitting, but I'm not sure that it will be possible to code the vehicle so that it recognises the controller in the light fitting. It might just work, but it seems more likely to me that it won't...
Before you could get as far as coding, you would need to connect up the wiring correctly. I have yet to find a source for a wiring diagram of the connections to the BDC. Any attempt at coding would therefore seem to be premature!

But I had a brief look through the "Expert" coding options for the BDC in BimmerCode and nothing obvious leapt out at me.
Guys any progress on this topic? Would like to do the same thing.
It's not an easy project.
Here is a list of the light tubes, LED modules you'll need to find. And good luck with that. Then you would have to dremel your doors for the tubes and have the wiring for your modules. You are better off searching AliExpress for your mood lighting options.

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 12-15-04 - Online BMW Parts Catalog.png
I learned that neither of our Lodge i3's (Giga World in North America) had the interior door pocket and handle LED's that were included in Suite i3's (Tera World). I had always assumed that Giga and Tera World interiors included the same features, but apparently Tera World includes a few more interior LED's. I wonder what else might be missing in our Giga World interior.
It's not an easy project.
Here is a list of the light tubes, LED modules you'll need to find. And good luck with that. Then you would have to dremel your doors for the tubes and have the wiring for your modules. You are better off searching AliExpress for your mood lighting options.

View attachment 549
I know, Ive seen this before. But im thinking just to add only some of those lights. Do you think I need to install all of them to work?
Im trying to find anywhere Original bmw parts/lights and cabels. Do you have some photos or videos of doing it? Would appreciate any info about it. thanks
In general you shouldn't find it difficult to get hold of most of the parts - a lot are shared with other BMW/Mini vehicles. But of course you will have to custom-make the cable assemblies (not many car breakers make a good job of removing wiring looms - too much effort involved for them). As far as I can tell, all of the connector shells should be obtainable via the BMW dealer network, and you can buy pre-terminated "repair wires" if you don't fancy crimping your own terminals.

But... in the end... most of us are likely to conclude that life is just too short to put hours and hours of effort into adding lights that are (if we are honest) purely cosmetic...
Slightly off topic but a useful hack for ambient lighting. I bought a usb charging 12v socket and some USB led lights that plug nearly flush into the 12v USB socket. Place this in the under dash 12v socket. Creates great footwell lighting for driver and passenger. IMG_7139.jpegIMG_7141.jpeg
Also can’t be seen when sitting in front of vehicle and the 2 x LEDs are blue so you get blue light in footwells and virtually invisible 👍🏻

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